Who we are

kimia negin azma company are exclusive distributers of top level laboratory chemicals and equipment in iran. We are representing exclusively some of the best producers in the world. In the past afew years we have proven ourselves as a trustworthy partner concerning complete laboratory offer, after sales support, as well as application and technical support.

With our experience on the iranian market, we have established ourselves as one of the leaders in our sector. Our products are used by: doctors, pharmacists, biochemists, chemists, biologists, engineers, ecologists, lab technicians. In that direction we are daily improving the level of our professionalism according to your needs, positive and negative remarks.

Our offer contents for iran market: equipment, reagents,.... , service and spare parts in each of our programs. We are fast becoming a regional leader by expanding our program primarily in Iran.

Our Mission

To be essential part of each modern laboratory in the clinical , industrial and investigative field, offering the most sophisticated technology, lab ware and raw material elementary with application methods.

Our Values

We have exclusivity-access for the best price offer with the best quality and the best after-sales support.
-Active employees
-The best service and support
-Strong Stock
-Well-organized on-time supplying
-Many years experience
-Cooperation with international company in the world

We have many more advantages and we keep on expanding daily. Your needs are our primary concern and we are well trained and equipped to meet all your demands.