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Completed the Warehouse for distribution in Hwaseong-si
Completed the 2nd R&D center construction
Completed expansion of BGMP Synthesizing Plant
Started construction of BGMP Distillation Plant
Awarded a government grant for SOFC Fuel Cell GDC powder development in the innovative business sector by the MKE(MKE refers to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy,which is a branch of the South Korean)
Established eco-friendly manufacturing line and was selected as an outstanding ecofriendly manufacturer by the MKE
Was named the winner of the PSM (Process Safety Management)
President Chun was selected as an examplary taxpayer of the year by the Minister of Strategy and Finance
President Chun received a presidential citation for a role model of Samll and mid-sized companies by Korean President
Was apponited as an excellent enterprise specialized in materials science by MKE
Was recognized for a INNO-BIZ(Innovation-Business) Enterprise by Korean government
Completed the 2nd distribution center for Hazardous goods in the 2nd plant
Renewed ISO 9001 and obtained ISO 14001 certification
Was appointed as a promising Small & Medium-Sized company in GyengKi-Do
Was ranked as the winner of an enterprise for Advanced Technology
Was accredited as a enterprise for Venture Business
(New Technology Business) by the government
Developed 13 HPCL solvent and started Sales
Developed 15 NAT Specific Reagents and launched trial goods
Developed 3 RHM Specific Reagents and launched trial goods
Started development and sales of 3N~5N high purity reagent
Completed Standard Product Plant
Obtained BGMP certification
Installed and implemented ERP system for the operational efficiency
Obtained ISO 9002 certification
Was firstly selected for a BGMP company for Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Importation and Production among the chemical reagent companies in Korea
Started development and sales of Application-Specific EL grade reagent
Established Yeongdeungpo branch
Established Jongro branch
Established SC Development Co., Ltd.
Commenced Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Production
Started Reagent Production
Established a fully accredited R&D Center for Samchun Pure Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Completed plant for Samchun Pure Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Established Pohang office
Established Deajeon office
Established Samchun Chemicals Co., Ltd
Founded Samchun trading company

Chemicals & Reagents for Analytics

Lab chemicals & reagents, chromatography and test kits. Thoroughly tested and fully compliant for results you can trust.

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Synthesis Row Materials

A wide spectrum of APIs with comprehensive services. Folates, EMPROVE api and custom synthesis.

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Pharmacentical Raw Materials

About 150 regular items including over 30 items of surfactents, food additives, cosmetic raw matericals(skin moisturizer), fragrance designs.

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Docs Download

To make samchun catalog more understanble and easier , we put its guidance here for download. 

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Reagent Chemicals

  • General Reagents
  • Speciality Reagents
  • Various imported reagents

Equipment and Instruments

We deal with various lab equipment & instruments(crucibles, filters)

  • Whatman
  • Products of other Japanese makers

Synthesis raw materials

About 300 manufactured items(custom-manufacturing offered).

Pharmacentical raw materials

About 150 regular items including over 30 items of surfactents, food additives, cosmetic raw matericals(skin moisturizer), fragrance designs.